The Shop N Save in Nashville, Tennessee had recently had a complete transformation, which was successfully undertaken by Access Asphalt.

In the spring of this year we repaved their parking lot. This proved quite a challenge because of the high water table. The drain system to the rear of the store needed a total re think and the area behind the annex to the store additionally needed work doing.

Our team decided that there was nothing else for it, but to completely pulverize the section and pave it with new asphalt.

We milled the remaining asphalt material and re paved the area. We also repaired the curb and worked on the drainage issues there were in the parking lot – people had previously been wading through puddles to park there!

Fortunately, our team managed to sort this out until there was a nice, new and incredibly dry asphalt pavement installed on the parking lot.

The our team completed the job by painting fresh lines onto the parking lot and make some minor adjustments to the signage in it.

Although this was a major project, it only took our team ten days to complete successfully. The actual process of repaving only took three days and we took care to rotate the areas of the parking lot which were being worked on, so that it remained open throughout the works!

Store manager Adrian couldn’t believe that we managed to lay and install a new parking lot in under two weeks. And more than that, that we kept the flow of traffic in and out of the place throughout – but we did!


Earlier on this spring, our crew worked on a busy community medical center in the heart of Knoxville.

This was a very busy place, with patients coming in and out to appointments all the time. Under no circumstances could it close or have its parking lot out of action.

And although this project did not immediately seem big, it shows how deceptive appearances can be. Because it required a lot of planning and logistics to be able to not only complete the works to the high standards our client expected, but to be able to do it with a minimum of disruption to the practice.

The project involved reclaiming and repaving the parking lot and putting down some new curbing. We also had to create some trenches for the electricians working alongside us, to create the new lighting system.

After the groundwork was laid for the electrical work, the project took us a full three days to complete and the parking lot remained opened throughout – much to the amazement of the practice manager and all her staff!

There are many asphalt paving contractors in Tennessee, but only one who can offer your company the speed and efficiency of Access Asphalt!