Knox County is located in Southwestern Indiana. Prevailing wind direction is southwest and Vincennes lies in the path of moisture-bearing low pressure formations from the Gulf of Mexico. These storm systems and the movement of polar cold fronts greatly affect both temperature and precipitations. This area experiences four distinct seasons, with generally hot and humid summers, moderately cold winters, and highly variable weather in both spring and fall.

A variety of housing options are available in Vincennes and the surrounding area. The older neighborhoods of Vincennes feature a mix of distinctive homes from many periods, including a number of historic homes from the Victorian era. Home building activity in the area is brisk, with strong demand in several active subdivisions. A good mix of rental properties, both houses and apartments, is also available.

During 1993, the average sales price of and existing home in Knox County was $59,000. The average price for a newly constructed home during the same period was $120,000.

The 1990 Census of Population and Housing showed a total of 8,350 housing units in Vincennes. The City Inspector’s Office of Vincennes has registered 3,104 rental units in the city. The 1990 Census showed a homeowner vacancy rate of 1.6% and a rental vacancy of 14.1%. In 1990, the median value of an owner occupied home was $40,800. In 1993 for all of Knox County, the average selling price for an existing home was $59,000, while the average newly-constructed home sold for $120,000.

There is an active new-home construction market in Knox County.